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How do we appreciate a work of art? What aspects of our perceptions, knowledge, and emotions drive our aesthetic experience? Philosophers, art historians, scientists, and artists have sought answers to these questions, with each discipline offering important clues. In this volume five philosophers, five psychologists, and five neuroscientists consider the viability of a scientific approach to aesthetic experiences. Contributors were asked to write broadly and avoid jargon so that readers from many disciplines and levels can approach these issues and consider the ways in which we understand and appreciate art.

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Ted Shearing, mild mannered professor of art history at Napa State College, is depressed and dismayed by his meager academic life. He begins to express his own feelings about contemporary art with explosives and blowtorch. Suddenly, Ted finds himself at the center of the art world and christened the "Anarchist of Art"! Follow Ted in this satiric romp as he questions the state of the arts.

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